John Green's 'An Imperial Affliction'

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The fault in our stars may not show the real picture of cancer, but it surely shows the true ability to survive a great lose. The book is sad and cathartic. Both Hazel and Augustus battle their health, but did not compromise on their looks. The two begin a warm friendship that turns into romance. Hazel considers herself a grenade capable of imposing great emotional damage; tries to keep him a bit away from herself, but Gus came closer. They bond over for “An Imperial Affliction,” a book about cancer, which was her passion. The story gives a good moral about holding oneself in situation like this, and also how react on such happenings. It gives the idea how to build our inner strong and fight. This book also teaches the value of life and that …show more content…

John Green avoids adult dialogues as both the protagonists had a journey from friendship to romance. It is an ethical novel. The movie floats into melodrama, when Hazel visits Anne Frank’s house. One surprise hits me when a character behaved in an incredible way.
For once, a story shows parents who care for their daughter without controlling, neglecting or infantilizing her. The one unsavory adult in the story, an alcoholic author whose novel bonds the young pair, turns out to have a sound reason for his anger. Even the slightly comic, Augustus’ blind best friend, does not become a stereotype.
The book does have humor, and it’s a disease humor. Augustus and Hazel joke about the special treatment they sometimes receive “Cancer perks”. Hazel gets the story’s first words and the last ones, which suits the story. Though she is reluctant to commit to Augustus, she comes to realize all lives are brief. If only people assured of long-lasting peace of romantic journeys, nobody would ever fall in love. Love needs a state of restlessness, and pain demands to be felt. This is the main theme of the

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