John E. Hoover Case Study Organized Crime

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History 1
February 27, 2015 Hoover and The Government Department of Examination During John E. Hoover's life time, he went through many different jobs. This soon making him director of the FBI. Hoover was seen as a demon and a saint through many peoples eyes. John Hoover leadership had a profound change for all local and state police organization. Hoover's ways left a legacy on the future of law enforcers. John Hoover was born on January 1, 1895 in Washington D.C. John Hoover mother and father were Annie Marie Scheitlin and Dickerson Naylor Hoover. Hoover had one brother and two sisters. Dickerson and Lillian were ten years older than him. Hoover's other sister Sadie Marguerite
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"Roy Cohn had a photo of Hoover in drag, which he used to coerce the FBI chief into preventing the presence from claiming the Mafia" ( So, Hoover did not pursue organized crime because of the material they had. Gossipy tidbits about Hoover's homosexuality were wild yet stifled amid his lifetime. At first, no one thought Hoover and Clyde Tolson were in a relationship, but soon evidence was found. A woman named Lusia Stuart was the first to witness there secret relationship. When she was at the Stork Club for a party on New Years…show more content…
he said that Hoover and clyde Tolson started the down fall in Hoover's Life. Hoover also had another case that lasted through his death. The case of Bert Horgson. Bert Horgson left his family to fight against the Nazi spies with the FBI. Upon arrival, Bert horgson was given a different assignment by Hoover. He was Hoover's "special agent",and had to wear a dress and pumps( Bert was not a fan of this but he needed a job. At first Bert Horgson thought it was a investigation, but soon realized it was more. Hoover even went so far as to have Horgson's lawful character changed from male to female - making it unlawful for him to dress as a man for a large portion of his life. Hoover had operators verify he did not change back to a male. Much of Hoover's demise in 1972 brought Horgson no relief. Before Hoover's death, he left requests that the 60-year-old FBI man was to be restricted to an exceptional high-security nursing home as a national security hazard. This ruining Bert Horgson's life for ever. Bert Horgson's family never Now, he was "Bettina Horgson tell his death in 2001 at the age of 89" ( John Edgar Hoover is long remember for his unlawful and abuse actions at the end of his life
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