John Kasich: The American Dream

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“Some say the American Dream is over, that we can’t recover, that the flame is beginning to flicker. That is wrong. We may have a crisis of spirit but our strength endures and our strength comes from pulling together” (Kasich). In this quote, it is made apparent that John Kasich has a vision for the future and plans to, with the help of our nation’s citizens, correct those imperfections to improve our overall quality of life in America. This is important because as students, mothers, fathers, and workers, we see many problems within our country and all of the candidates promise change but Kasich has provided us with plans to actually take action and make a real change. Some may say that John Kasich is all talk and that his plans with fall …show more content…

Under Kasich’s leadership, the unemployment rate in Ohio is much better than the national rate and the amount of jobs has dramatically increased ("Creating Jobs and Strengthening the Economy"). This year, the unemployment rate has dropped down to about 5.5% ("Databases, Tables & Calculators by Subject"). Although Obama has successfully created more jobs, I believe that with Kasich’s experience in successfully reducing unemployment rates and increasing job availability, this number would continue to drop and allow for more jobs in the U.S. “Understanding that a more competitive tax environment is essential to job creation, Gov. John Kasich teamed up with Ohio’s legislature to cut taxes by $5 billion since 2011—the largest tax cut of any sitting governor” ("Creating Jobs and Strengthening the Economy."). In order to successfully create more jobs, Kasich will seek to cut taxes dramatically so that these jobs can be made available. This is important because this accomplishment as governor shows that he is active, strong willed, and strives to achieve his goals. As Governor, Kasich has developed an “early warning system” to help notify parents and teachers if they notice a child veering towards becoming a dropout. ("Education - John Kasich."). To build a large workforce and create a successful generation for the …show more content…

“Gov. Kasich has proposed a comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS, strengthen our military, and work with our allies to confront ongoing threats to our mutual security” ("The Kasich National Security Plan”). By setting this goal and proposing plans as a governor, it shows that Kasich feels very strongly about this topic and is making it a priority to protect our country. “John Kasich has called for $102 billion in increased defense spending over the next eight years to improve our conventional capabilities and create new cyber defense resources to better safeguard our security” ("The Kasich National Security Plan”). With the increasing use of technology, valuable government data has become more and more vulnerable to being hacked. Kasich’s plan to place more spending in defending our country, both physically and technologically, is a great step towards security. In contrast, it could be argued that Kasich’s plan to spend $102 billion in defense is a waste of money and we could defend our country with less spending. “We must rebuild our defenses while leveraging the strengths of our allies in order to effectively challenge the capabilities of our enemies. We can ensure that scarce resources reach the troops who need them most by streamlining Pentagon bureaucracy and transforming procurement processes to get new weapons systems into the field on time and on budget” (The

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