John Lennon's Impact On Music

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John Lennon was a prominent singer/songwriter that founded the Beatles and impacted music like no other band before. This impact on music roused society in many ways during the 1960s. After WWII, there was an inflation in consumerism as people began to settle economically in the 1960s. As a result, the need for entertainment increased since people were able to afford entertainment without rationing or supporting the war. Moreover, as a result of the 1950’s, a period of social conservatism and conformity, the “Baby Boom” (1945-1964) produced 76 million babies that John Lennon and the Beatles would impact and, therefore, move emotionally. Despite the widespread geographical changes during this period, the demographical changes of society distinguish the 1960s from any other decade. During this time, Lennon inspired generations to …show more content…

Initially, John Lennon captured the attention of society through his music in order to inspire them to dream of peace, love, and social justice. Lennon had a witty and daring personality that resembled one of a teenager, allowing the younger demographics to notice him and the Beatles. The Beatles were self-aware and independent thinkers who rebelled against the world, even during press conferences. Their behavior is similar to a youth’s, allowing these young adults to relate and observe them. Furthermore, Lennon was capable of creating memorable, honest lyrics combined with his dedication to rock and roll music. For example, his song “Imagine” is simple, sweet, and contains rhymes that are catchy. As a result, the song is appealing and aesthetically

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