Judy Hardy Moody And The Bad Luck Charm Essay

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Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm by Megan McDonald is a book about a girl Judy Moody who finds a penny with a four leaf clover considered to be a good luck charm, which she and her grandmother had taken out of a lucky penny machine. She tries it in a restaurant and it works. She tries it again at a birthday party and it works. She goes to school and wishes that the spelling test is cancelled and it is! The teacher takes a practice spelling bee instead for the third grade spelling bee to be held in the next week, the winner of which would go to Washington DC for the final spelling bee. Judy rubs her lucky penny and goes for her turn. She gets the word ‘punctuate’ which is a very difficult word for her and luckily, finds the word ‘punctuation’ …show more content…

On the way back to the class, she takes out her lucky penny to rub, but she cannot find it and realizes that she has dropped it into the toilet. She does not have her ruler or a pencil and so, there is only one thing left to do, take it out with her own hands. At last, she takes it out and rubs it on her way back to the class. She has to spell the word, ‘Chihuahua’ and she spells it incorrectly. At last, only one girl is left standing in the class, Jessica Finch. Their teacher congratulates her. At home, her mother tells her that Jessica’s mother had called to ask if Judy could take care of Peegee Weegee, Jessica’s pig. Judy agrees, because she badly wants to go to Washington DC. There she visits many places and at night both the families have dinner together. At the dinner table, Judy asks Jessica the spelling of all the words from the spelling list. On the fourth page, Judy drops a meatball on top and does not tell Jessica about it. But, Jessica comes to know about it at night and gets very angry. She goes for the Spelling bee the next day leaving Peegee Weegee in Judy and her brother Stink’s care. Sometime later, the piggy runs away from the hotel room into the

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