Julius Caesar Essay: Brutus The Tragic Hero

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Brutus the Tragic Hero: Rough Draft Brutus was faced with many difficulties that lead to him becoming a tragic hero. He was forced to make the decision of killing his best friend ( Julius Caesar ) for the “good of Rome” in his opinion. But Brutus also thought that not killing Caesar would make him king and Julius would gain too much power, causing him to do things for himself and not for his own people. Brutus is face to face with a dilemma which could cause him to loose loyalty towards Caesar or gain honor, helping the people of Rome by killing his friend. Brutus was noble and a good friend, but betrayed his friend for the good of Rome; therefore, crowning Brutus a tragic hero. During the whole play, Brutus had an honorable and noble attitude towards …show more content…

Brutus spoke highly of Julius. Lastly, Brutus and the conspirators were going into the Battle of Philippi with their fellow Roman soldiers. The leaders of the armies exchanged insults before battling each other. Cassius and Brutus talk to each other as the battle is starting, possibly saying their goodbyes, as this could be the last time they see each other. Brutus, feeling guilty and not wanting to be be in prisoned, decides to die. Brutus asks Strato to hold his sword so he can run on to it and end his life. After his death, Antony states “ This was the noblest Roman of them all” (V,V,793). In the end, Brutus is definitely a tragic hero. Brutus had talked to the conspirators who wanted Caesar dead for their own selfish reasons. Brutus pondered whether he should be loyal to his friend, or kill him for the well being of Rome. He eventually knew what he should do and joined the conspirators. In the death scene of Caesar, Brutus was the last man to thrust the knife into Caesar’s gut. In Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero, Brutus killed Caesar, this being the tragic error that lead to Brutus’ suicide in the Battle of

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