Dissociative Identity Book Report

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Register to read the introduction…The discovery that Kaleigh has dissociative identity disorder was a huge surprise. I thought the she and her twin Reanne were two completely different people up until she ended up in the hospital towards the end of the book. It turns out that she has two completely different personalities, since she is obedient and secretive while Reanne is aggressive and rebellious. It made me wonder how Kaleigh was able to keep these two sides of her completely separate for so long. One would think that someone would have noticed Kaleigh’s conflicting personalities and come to the conclusion that she still thinks her twin is alive. But this sudden twist in the novel made me enjoy it even more and I thought it was really clever of Hopkins to leave out this significant and essential detail until the end of the…show more content…
I now know that people can have to completely different identities. Before reading Identical, I did not even know that there is a mental disorder based on contradictory personalities. I knew that people hide behind masks and personas on a daily basis, but it never occurred to me that having two separate identities might be due to something other than a mask. Dissociative identity disorder is rare and usually the different personalities do not know about each other. It is usually caused by a traumatic incident and sexual abuse. 21. I do recommend this book. Only mature people should read this book because it includes scenes relating to sex, drugs, and alcohol. Though some things that happened in the book were slightly disturbing, I loved Ellen Hopkins’ writing and how she arranged the scenes. I liked how it was written in first person omniscient, alternating between the point of views of Kaleigh and Reanne. It was also really clever for Hopkins to reveal Kaleigh’s dissociative identity disorder at the end of the book, because it really helps the reader get to know both of her identities very well. Overall, Identical was a wonderful novel and everyone who is mature enough should have the chance to read
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