Katarzyna Budkiewicz's Case Summary

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My name is Katarzyna Budkiewicz and I am a chiropractor from the Great Chiropractic Clinic in La Habra. I am writing to refer Dane Danes for a physical therapy evaluation and co-management. The patient presented to my office with low back pain that radiates from his back down to the lateral thigh and down to the front of the knee over the past 4 weeks. His pain increases with standing. Ice, ibuprofen and stretching do not alleviate his condition. He has an antalgic gait in lumbar flexion. Mr. Danes has reduced active range of motion of the lumbar spine, especially in 5 degrees of extension which reproduces his leg pain. The following orthopedic tests were positive: Minor 's’ sign, Kemp 's on the right, Yeoman 's’ bilateral, and Milgram
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