Key Objectives Of The New Deal

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The New Deal
• Who developed and implemented the New Deal? President Franklin Roosevelt
• Why was the implementation of the New Deal significant?
• What were the key objectives of the New Deal (hint: 3 R’s): Relief, Recovery & Reform
• Discuss at least 5 of the Alphabet Agencies
• Discuss at least two groups the New Deal benefited the least? Minorities and women were the least benefited from the New Deal policies.
Remember to format your essay consistent with APA writing guidelines and use at least three (3) scholarly references
Franklin D. Roosevelt and The New Deal
The New Deal was a series of government programs and projects meant to help recover from the effects the Great Depression of 1929 had on the United States of America. …show more content…

This is because they were U.S. federal government agencies brought into effect after the introduction of the New Deal implemented by President Franklin Roosevelt. Some are still in effect up to this day.
• Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is a U.S. government agency that offers insurance to people who deposit in U.S. banks. The FDIC is governed by The Banking Act (1933). What made the introduction of such an agency necessary? According to FDIC, between 1929 and 1933, “bank failures resulted in losses to depositors of about $1.3 billion” (, 2014). Since the introduction of FDIC, the banking industry will still function even after large withdrawal amounts from numerous people.
• Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation manages the federal insurance program. FCIC offers insurance for the crops that U.S farmers plant. At the time of the Great Depression, farmers believed that they could sustain themselves with food because they could simply plant their own crops. However, this assumption turned out to be false. The Dust Bowl drought made planting crops …show more content…

Before the FHA was created, the housing industry was in disarray. Construction workers were unemployed, criteria were difficult to attain for homebuyers and America was generally a nation of renters- 4 in 10 households owned homes (, n.d). FHA makes the conditions and standards of homes better. FHA provides equilibrium to the mortgage market.

• Social Security Administration
The Social Security Administration is a federal government agency that provides Social Security (Disability, Survivor benefits, Retirement etc.) meant to secure the survival of the elderly. This guaranteed that retired Americans would be able to spend money for the rest of their lives all in the effort to maintain the economic state of the U.S.

• Securities and Exchange Commission
SEC was an agency created in 1934. It helped manage the buying and selling of stocks, bonds plus further securities. The Securities and Exchange Commissions objectives can be divided into three main goals: to secure investors; maintain just, law-abiding markets and facilitate capital

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