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I read a book called Kickoff. It was a story about a girl named Tyra Fraser, who moved from Florida to England. She played soccer all her life and leaving her old team back home was a big deal. It took Tyra awhile to get use to living in England. Tyra’s first day was awful; she got in trouble because her uniform was incorrect. She found out that there was a soccer team for the girls, and it made living in England better. The girls got a new coach and when Tyra found out about they had soccer it seemed like living in England wouldn’t be so bad after all. She tried out for the team and made it. One of the girls named Alicia couldn’t stand her, and would do anything to keep Tyra from stealing her spotlight. On the girls first game they had to pick a captain and the …show more content…

The next day was the regional game and Alicia’s mom,a woman who left Alicia two years ago, came to that game. Alicia broke down in tears and Tyra comforted her, even though Alicia has been to her. She helped Alicia up off the ground and then during the game they played as a team not as a one man team. They won the regional and after the game, the team took pictures with the cup. After most everyone left, Tyra told her parents that she overheard the conversation and asked if they were still moving, and they told her that they found a school in England that would deal with her sister, and Tyra was glad that they won. I think the point of the story was to tell us even though people may bully you, you should keep in mind that are dealing with something major, which changes the way they act. I really liked this booked, because I could relate to it. I related to it because I know what it 's like to be bullied and find out that the person who was bullying me was dealing with a major problem at home. Also it reminded on how we’re suppose to treat each other because we don’t know what is going on in everybody’s life, like what Tyra did when Alicia was crying because she saw her mom for

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