Lillian Simmons Case

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Reason Case was accepted for investigation: On 12/2/17, Hennepin County Child Protection accepted a report of alleged predatory offender status concerning Tayshawn Robinson, Makayla Mason and Jemeul Robinson by their father’s partner Lillian Simmons. Per reporter received an anonymous report concerning children Tayshawn Makayla and Jemeul. Per reorter the children father’s partner Ms. Lillian Simmons was conited of murder in the 1st Degree in 1989. Ms. Lillian Simmons resides in the home with the children’s father Mr. Quincy Mason. Per MNCIS and MGA review, Ms. Simmon’s murder charge is unavailable to view, but State of Minnesota document in Supreme Court filed on May, 12, 1998. Per reporter this document states that Ms. Simmons (aka Dunn at …show more content…

This document also cites Dunn v. State, 486 N. W. 2d 428, 430-31 (Minn. 1992) which states Ms. Simmons was found guilty of first-degree felony murder, second-degree intentional murder and kidnapping. She was sentenced to life in prison for murder, and to a concurrent 43 months for kidnapping. Ms. Simmons petitioned for post-conviction relief, but her petition was denied and this appeal ensued. Per reporter Ms. Lillian Simmons on the MN Department of correction Offender locator. Ms. Simmons was released from prison on parole, and her current status is under supervision as of 1/8/15 with a “life “Expiration Date. Also, Ms. Simmons’ parole officer, Roger Artis. Mr. Artis communicated that Ms. Simmons is compliant with her parole, and is in good standing. He further relayed that Ms. Simmons owns her own home, is not required to register as a predatory offender, and her condition does not …show more content…

He stated that three of his children are all living with him including Ms. Simmons. He stated that Ms. Simmons has been supportive and nurturing to children. He stated that she helps him raise the children with him. Mr. Quincy stated that he recently started going to family court for custody of his two other children and their names are Tray Mason DOB 12/5/04 and Tylan Masson DOB 5/8/07. Both children’s mother has passed away year ago for anrusim. He stated that the children are staying with their grandmother Monica Reeves (14908 Echo Way, Apple Valley, MN 55124) He reported since Tyra has passed away the maternal grandmother has refused him to visit his children. Mr. Quincy stated that he believes maternal grandmother made the false allegation about the predatory offender so she can create conflicts in the family court. He reported that they have next court hearing on 2/12/18. Mr. Quincy stated that he has a good relationship with his son and daughter Tray and

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