Kingdom Of Heaven Facts

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The movie, Kingdom of Heaven, is a good example of a historical movie, but it also has several parts with false information. The movie was about the second crusades. The movie is very informative, but the problem is there is also some information that is misleading. The movie has different scenes that didn’t actually happen that way. The three main elements are the longbows, the siege weapons, and the medicinal observations. These scenes all give you a bit of information that they didn’t have access to in those times. The information doesn’t match to the actual facts from reliable sources. The sources state that this information was not learned until sometime later. The longbow was used in the movie as a highly effective weapon. Kingdom of …show more content…

We hadn 't even discovered bone marrow at that time. We were quite a ways from learning what bone marrow was. According to the NCBI, bone marrow wasn’t discovered for another 700 years. It was discovered in 1868 by a professor named Ernst Neumann. The movie talks about something that isn 't even discovered for another 700 years. The movie made a lot of mistakes on weapons and medicine. The creators of the movie should 've learned a bit more history before making a movie on the second crusades. The “doctor” in the the movie should not have been able to say anything about bone marrow. The only thing the doctors should’ve known about was the King of Jerusalem 's leprosy. The doctors would not have know about much during this time period. The Kingdom of Heaven did not give off very educational information. There were parts of the movie that were very informative, but others that were counterproductive. The movie was not a good representation to the real crusades. The real crusades didn’t involve trebuchets and catapults that could fire 5 shots per minute. The real crusades lasted a lot longer. They involve real battles that killed a lot of people. They were very dangerous, and were supposed to be about religious pursuits. Although, in the end, they just turned out to be for money and

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