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THE EFFECTS OF THE KOREAN ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY TO THE FILIPINO YOUTH IN TERMS OF APPEARANCE AND PERSONALITY There have been thousands of researches made on the sudden rise of the Korean Entertainment Industry to the world and a few on its economic and social effects. Some Filipinos were also able to contribute to this kind of researches but only a few discusses the effects of the Korean Entertainment Industry to the Filipino youth. In lieu of that, this research intends to contribute to the lack of study on the effects of the Korean Entertainment Industry to teenagers specifically to Filipino youths. It is important that this study is to be conducted since the Korean wave is still continuing and keeps on spreading with the help of the…show more content…
People could be easily influenced by what they like or what they see around them. The Korean Wave is one of the most prominent influences that is affecting people from around the globe right now. It especially cater teenagers and young adults though some adults are also affected, most often adults take advantage of this rising stars to make business. This study was conducted in order to see the effects of the Korean Wave to the Filipino youths. It wants to help parents predict the effects to their children and how can they help them and for businessmen to be able to make business. This study would differentiate the different effects of the Korean wave to the Filipino youth and would identify if the effects is good or…show more content…
The Koreans were able to take advantage of the growing power of the internet in destroying the language barrier that enables them to gain a wider audience. The Philippines is one of the many international audiences that Korean Entertainment has gained and with this the Filipino youth’s acceptance and addiction to the Korean Tradition and Entertainment Industry has no current limitations, so it continues to be a part of their daily lives and making its effects unavoidable. With these in mind this research intends to be able to answer the following

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