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Language Ideologies and Curriculum Studies The relation between critical Language Ideology (Irvine & Gal, 2000; Razfar, 2005) and curriculum study has more and more arisen our attention with the rapid growth of globalization. The critical theoretical principles regarding identity, ideology, and language must be explored. And in deed, this method and principle may provide a new way to the analysis of curricular discourses. First of all, we need to reframe the curricular by putting emphasis on “language”. Students should to pay attention to whose language is worth knowing, since every discipline is taught through language discourse. Secondly, we need to reframe the concept of language by admitting that language should be diverse and dynamic instead that it is static and disciplined, and by admitting that all the languages have the same status instead that some languages are more logical, academic, and scientific. Then we may ask how macro Ideology can be applied into the curriculum study through micro language ideologies. That model is conization, fractal recursivity, and erasure (Irvine & Gal, 2000) for the understanding of how micro-discourse processes display…show more content…
To some extent, it is an analysis of class discourse and the construction of language ideologies through those discourse. In the light of this, language ideologies can be applied to any situations and discourse practices in society. References: Razfar, A. (2005). Language ideologies in practice: Repair & classroom discourse. Linguistics and Education, 16(4), 404-424. Irvine, J. T. and Gal, S. (2000). Language ideology and linguistic differentiation. In P. Kroskrity (Ed.), Regimes of language. (pp. 35-83). Santa Fe, NM: School of American Research

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