Latinos In America Essay

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Hispanics in America Every day, Hispanics in America face challenges that they have to overcome, but they often have trouble overcoming them. Many Hispanic families in America live in poverty, and the parents and children have no way to overcome that. Hispanic adults also are often uneducated and aren’t able to get jobs that can fully provide for their household. Hispanic children also have to go to school and aren’t allowed to make money due to laws on children working in America. In America, Hispanics face many challenges on a daily basis from food insecurity to low income. Today in America about 23.5% of the total 55 million Hispanics are in poverty. Which means that about 12.9 million Hispanics in America live in poverty. The …show more content…

Many of the Hispanics in America don’t have a bachelor’s degree that enables them to work for jobs that allow them to make enough money to provide for their families, today only about 4.2 million of the 55 million Hispanic residents of the United States of America have their bachelor’s degree and only about 16.5% of the total population of Hispanics in America are enrolled in a program to earn their bachelor’s degree. This means that most Hispanic adults are often not getting the jobs they need to obtain enough money to provide the basic necessities their households need to live. This requires them to need to work multiple jobs at many places where they may only make minimum wage daily to obtain the money needed to provide their family with food, shelter, and water. With parents gone all the time this requires the eldest children to watch after their younger siblings because based on the United States Census, Hispanic women tend to have multiple children, and since they have to work most of the day the eldest children are only able to attend school and watch after their siblings, not allowing them to work or attend college for a better future. Also, due to child labor laws created by the U.S. Department of Labor, children aren’t allowed to work jobs until the age of 14, and even then, they are only allowed to work for little money and for a short amount of hours. Hispanic households to

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