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Introduction In this leadership assessment, I will provide leadership analysis and background information on my personal experience with a bad leader. I will constructively critique a bad leader I have worked for by providing valid and well-reasoned opinions on their leadership style. I will also present a clear and concise description of what makes someone a bad leader and how they can improve. Leadership Analysis “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” -John Quincy Adams Leadership is among the most vital aspects of group communication. It encompasses many skills and qualities. Researchers in psychology, business, …show more content…

For this assignment I am going call this person John Doe. During my time working there I have had this manager chastise me in front of my employees causing me to lose credibility. Also, when he visits the store he is always on his phone sometimes he even cuts me off mid-conversation to answer a call. His actions demonstrate a clear lack of communication skills and situational awareness when dealing with other human beings. John Doe is a bad leader because he is a micromanager and very …show more content…

Bad leadership affects the aptitude of the company in retaining employees and depresses their optimism, incentive, and throughput. Understanding the personalities of weak leaders can assist an individual to avoid leadership drawbacks and reinforce the leadership aptitudes. However, poor leadership is caused by trying to control teams through policies, orders, goals, rules, reports, and forcing employees to work, generate, and supply what organization contemplates being suitable services and products. (Dave Logan, 2008) Inability to organize details was one factor which should be improved in my company: good leader calls for the ability to hold and master details. For instance, in my organization, a leader is ever too busy carrying out a task that can be required of him in his capacity as a leader. A leader admits his inefficiency when he is too busy changing his plans or giving attention to any emergency. A successful leader should be a master of every detail related to his/her position. However, a good manager is in tune with the details of the plan and manages it

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