Authentic Leadership Assessment

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Authentic leadership assessment
The authentic leadership is very necessary to be in existence in any organization or region as it informs people about the things which are right and wrong. It makes the people aware of their power and leaders having this style motivate their subordinates to achieve the targets. There are a number of questions which have been asked about knowing whether one possesses the abilities to be an authentic leader or not. There exists a relationship between the leaders and the followers that both have the power to influence each other. The questionnaire consists of the rating the factors which are related to the personality of a person. They all are for the purpose of knowing about the authentic leadership features. …show more content…

They are the self awareness, internalized moral perspective, balanced processing, and relational transparency. On the very first factor, the score is 13, which seems to be lower than the standard set in the questionnaire. In the second factor, there seems some improvement and that the score is 14, which is lower as well and shows that the person has weakened authentic leadership. The score related to the next or third factor in the list 15, which also falls in the lower category. The last or the fourth factor shows some improvement and the score here is 16.
The tendency in the relational tendency is better and as per the demand to fall in the higher and strong authentic leadership. It shows that the leader has the ability to be open and blunt with his followers. He is open and ready to assist the others with the powers that he owns. He is upright and focuses over the betterment of the employees so that they could gain what they are expecting from their leader. He does not tell a lie and shows the others the right path. Leading the other is the part of the job of authentic leader.
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