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Personal Assessment Leadership Style After taking the Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid Leadership Assessment Questionnaire and the Leadership Legacy Assessment I now have a better understanding of my real and potential leadership skills and abilities. I have been working at Petsmart as a groomer for 6 years while going to school. I have never been interested in a management position there primarily due to the terrible types of managers I was surrounded by, even though I had assisted in management positions numerous occasions and had been offered management positions. A year and a half ago I found the perfect position for me though. It was a teaching position for the corporation in which I work at my home store and am sent all prospective groomers …show more content…

Each were 22 out of 25. Then came Advocate at 19 out of 25, Ambassador at 18 out of 25 and lastly the People Mover at 17 out of 25. I can’t say that I felt this assessment reflected my leadership style quite as well but I could see bits and pieces of myself in each of the categories. With the Creative Builder, I am definitely more driven when I am coming up with new ideas and implementing them. I am given a curriculum from which to teach and I am constantly coming up with modifications and more creative ways to apply the knowledge depending on the needs of the group of students that I am teaching. I am extremely enthusiastic about tailoring my teaching to the students and making learning fun. The Experienced Guide category I could relate with in terms of my ability to listen and be sympathetic to the stance of the person I am listening to. As a leader I can sympathize with my students but cannot let it get in the way of disciplinary actions so I guess that is where I felt I related …show more content…

They are not passionate about their jobs, they do not like their staff and they are not interested in their growth as individuals or within the company. It has really made me consider the importance of hiring the correct people for such positions as poor management really destroys the whole vision and mission of the organization you work for. Although my management may not be interested in what I have to offer the company as a leader my skills do show through the 30+ groomers I have trained for the corporation as a whole. As a teacher, leader and the one solely responsible for the students sent to me I have a lot of responsibility. I strive to better the reputation of our groomers by giving them the best knowledge that I can in the little amount of time that I am given. I go far beyond what the company asks of me and I am constantly checking my curriculum against the standards set by the AKC who created them. I love my job and actively work to better my leadership and teaching style encouraging the upward mobility of my students within the company and in general. I let them take part in daily problem solving and decision making, I try to make learning fun and expect respect and team work from every one of them. I really love the position of leadership I am in now and hope to translate it into the healthcare field with equally as much

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