Leadership Case Study: Jwatts

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There is no one quite like Jessica Watts, or as many know her: JWatts. Over the past year, JWatts has impacted the University of Iowa’s campus with her inclusion, affirmations, and new ideas. JWatts sees the leader in you before you even see the leader in you. Without JWatts I would not be the leader I am today and I will be forever grateful. In the month of March, JWatts has worn several different hats which include, but are not limited to Resident Education Coordinator, Associated Residence Halls, Advisor to the MACURH Bid team, encourager, and friend. She is willing to help whenever she can and always has a good attitude. With all of the different things that JWatts has on her plate, it is almost surprising that she is always in a good mood and able to remind people that she appreciates you. …show more content…

She met with me outside of our regular time to help me sort out my life. Outside of Currier Hall on a nice day, JWatts helped me figure out what exactly I was upset about. She was able to give me a comparison in her life that really helped me put my life into perspective. Empathy is one of her strengths and it really shows when she can understand and share my feelings. JWatts is aware that I learn best by stories and examples and she chose to help me in this way. I believe that this shows that she attentively listens when you talk to you and knows how to respond best. I believe that she knows how to communication and help with all of the students and professional staff that she works with (which is a lot). I need to be told things differently than Nate, Kate, or Brandon need to be told and JWatts understands that. In the end, JWatts gave me the help I needed and ended the talk with her catchphrase “Appreciate

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