Quiz 4-1 Leadership Self Assessment

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Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 4-1
This quiz assesses task-oriented behaviors and attitudes of a trustworthy leader. DuBrin (2016) states that task-related means that "behavior, attitude, or skill focuses more on the task to be performed "(DuBrin, 2016, p. 112). A task-oriented leader focuses on non-interpersonal leadership attitudes in order to accomplish results. Such as, "1. Adaptability to the situation 2. Direction setting 3. High performance standards 4. Concentrating on strengths of group members 5. Risk taking and execution of plans 6. Hands-on guidance and feedback 7. Ability to ask tough questions 8. Organizing for collaboration" (p. 112-115).

This quality is not my behavior or approach to leadership. I believe that a leader …show more content…

Therefore, I am not a task-oriented leader. I am a relationship-oriented leader. DurBrin (2016) stated that a relationship-oriented attitude and behavior deals with " influencing people" and "interpersonal relationships" (p. 115). And this is how I typically operate. The only question where I “mostly agree” was number 5 (p. 116). It stated that “When I conduct a meeting, the participants can count on a clear-cut agenda”(p. 116) It’s usually important to me to not deviate from the agenda.

Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 4-2
This quiz is assessing what style of leader I am or would be. DuBrin (2016), states that leadership style is a "relatively consistent pattern of behavior that characterizes a leader" (p.124). To be honest I never thought much about my leadership …show more content…

DuBrin (2016), states that situational leadership explains "how to match leadership style to the capabilities of group members on a given task " (p.155). So, in other words, as a team leader of the hygiene department, it's important to adjust my leadership style depending upon how developed the followers are in certain situations. Which makes sense because there are certain members on the team that do not need much supervision depending on the task, and there are others who need more support and guidance. I believe that it is important when delegating a task, that the task fits the person. And the best way to know what fits the person is to ask them personally. By asking them personally, I'm not using my own idea or

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