Liberty Mutual Business Analysis

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The second key strategy was developed because of the successes of Liberty Mutual. How forward thinking is that!! As our CEO, David Long suggest,” Success is the reason why we can and should seek continuous improvement now.” (LMIG, 2014) The philosophy behind this is that Liberty Mutual is building on an already existing foundation of strong principles, a deep knowledge of existing processes and customer relationships and products. Another facet to this is that the company’s rapid growth has brought greater complexity and challenges to how employees work, and it’s not going away. Customer's expectations are changing rapidly; the next generation of employees seeks something more from their work; and Liberty Mutual is competing with global leaders of all industries, not just insurance. The increasing need to address these challenges requires the company to be more innovative and creative than ever …show more content…

My engagement is constant, whether through weekly meetings with LMS leadership or diagnostic and design workshops for the Claims groups currently undergoing a transformation. LMS is not a spectator sport; it requires deep engagement at all levels.” (Scott, 2015) It is also important to understand that LMS does not exist just to exist as it does comes with its challenges. Its success is measured by business results over time as well as the increased level of engagement of employees. Every co-worker is focused, consistently, on improving the company. That improvement is readily apparent to employees as their jobs become easier, and it is apparent to customers as the agents see that we are listening to them and that we’re easier to do business with. Voice of the Customer is the number one motto of LMS and that customer consists of both internal employees as well as external

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