Would You Give Manny's Life Time In Prison?

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The sentence I would give Manny is life time in prison. Why I would give him life time compared to his actual sentence is because no man gets of easy. For example when he attacked a family in the neighborhood what did that family do to him. Manny say “If someone hits you, you gotta defend your self….” This family didn’t attack him or hurt him so why did he hurt them. It is not right to let someone get off easy for a serious crime they have committed no matter what age they are. Even though Manny was 18 he should have faced more then 9 years in prison. Even though he grew up with out a father and was raped that doesn't make it right to hurt other people. Manny gave up and let his criminal side take over. He could have left the bad neighborhood he was in but no he decide to stay and now he has to pay for the prices of his …show more content…

Why I would give them both rehab is because they both need to learn not to do drugs and to take care of each other. Marquese’s mother was never there for him she would teach his son how to steal. Also her mother was always doing drugs. Therefore Marquese never got the love and attention from his mother. That is why when he want to go back to jail he felt that in prison people would give him this attention. The attention that his mother could not give him. He was raised in a bad way where he didn’t know from right or wrong. It is not his fault he ended up that way it is mostly his mother fault for not being there when he was in need. He was only 18 and was always in and out of jail if he had a real role model in his life then things would have been so much more different. He had so much potential to be a good person but ended up in a bad family. He should be given another chance at life and give the help he and his mother need. He didn’t even have a father figure to guide him. In my opinion the sentence they gave him is not wrong but I feel as if his mother needs some help

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