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I felt fortunate to have attended the session with Bonnie, an epitome for an ideal hospice care provider. She demonstrates an ability to connect anyone in personal level and with full attention; thereby, making both the recipients and their family feel cared. As she shared her experience, it was reflected that she made sure the care is provided to the patients spiritually; and other needs are also taken care of. Bonnie joined hospice care after realizing the previous career of a social worker was not fulfilling. It was inspiring that she reflected it is never too late to change a career trajectory. Her compassion is definitely the best take away for me from today’s session. 1) Describe two resources that provide people with power (not authority) in your practicum organization. What allows them to control these resources?
Normally the authority provides people to utilize certain resources as per the overall organizational benefit; however, exercising power with those resources should be controlled with the help of a proper organizational system. In LNC, two resources that seem to be highly significant are: information about residents and connection with social capitals for referral. …show more content…

For example; a nurse understands the medical challenges of the residents; and by observing the residents’ health each day, provides her an opportunity in dealing medically. The information are, however, detrimental in suggesting for change in physiological and dietary habits. If she held this information, therapists and dietician would have no power to exercise. In order to reduce such challenges,a care conference is held in a regular basis in LNC, which allows everyone to share the information they hold about individual patient and distribute the power to exercise among each

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