Cardiologist Personal Statement

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I had just graduated from Utica College and like many other recent graduates, was unsure what path my future was on. After graduation I began my search for employment and I was lucky enough to be offered a position at the office of Dr. Howard Terry, cardiologist. This job had everything I was looking for: decent pay, experience working in the medical field, and direct patient care administering EKG’s. For the first few months I thoroughly enjoyed going to work and I relished in the fact that I was being taught many different aspects of cardiology by a well-respected physician such as Dr. Terry. However, as time passed, so did the fascination of my employment. There are moments of frustration with every job; nevertheless this is not why my excitement had diminished. I came to feel that something was missing. The five minutes spent with patients while I ran their EKG was all of the direct patient contact I was experiencing. Because of the many other tasks I had to do within the office, my time with the patients was rushed. I was thankful for this job, but I felt that my real purpose lied elsewhere. There is nothing worse for me than to feel as if I am wasting my …show more content…

I consider myself among the lucky minority. My mother worked as a registered nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at the VA Hospital in Albany, NY. I saw her come home some mornings looking defeated because she could not be the one to save a man’s life. I also saw her come home most mornings, her face glowing, because of how many people she was able to help. Nurses see people during all aspects of life. Whether it is one of the best moments such as child birth, or one of the less fortunate times such as a family realizing their eldest member is nearing the end of their life, a nurse is there through it all. It was my mother’s fascinating stories such as these that made me realize that I could not imagine myself working in any other

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