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The path that has led me to pursue a career in the medical field started about five years ago. In 2010 I was informed by my employer about downsizing our hourly employees and possible relocation for managers. At this time I was also told I would be expected to earn my MBA and eventually relocated because they would be eliminating my department at the current location.
It was a goal of mine to go return to school but at this point I was not sure if wanted to continue in my current field. Being an accountant and an assistant controller I earned a very good living and I was successful at my job but never felt passionate or enjoyed my job. At the same time my children were looking at colleges and contemplating their future careers. When they asked me what they should study I remember telling them to find a career you enjoy, something that makes you excited about going to work, be happy, and most of all try to make a difference. This started my investigation of other careers because I realized it was time to follow my own advice.
The concept of being a FNP was first suggested in passing at one of my youngest son’s doctor appointments. He has a few medical and behavioral …show more content…

Being a parent of a child with chronic issues I feel I have an added insight to many medical and emotional situations. Direct patient contact and being in charge of the direction of my patient’s care why I want to be a FNP and not a PA. As a FNP I would like to be involved in the community based services like the county health department, healthy start and BCMH because these programs helped me when I was a scared, uncertain parent. Educating patients about community services is vital to patient care. Every situation will be different but just being a person in a similar situation I know that many things can be achieved and things are not

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