Cardiac Physiology Personal Statement

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The World Health Organisation reports that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of mortality worldwide. Therefore the importance of effectively diagnosing and treating cardiac conditions has become paramount. The cardiovascular system, its complexities and the various pathologies that affect it are of great interest to me. Undertaking a BSc Clinical Physiology degree specialising in Cardiology has allowed me to understand the vital role a cardiac physiologist plays in the multi-disciplinary team in diagnosing cardiac conditions in patients, forming the basis for effective treatment and thus, improved quality of live and survival rate. My ambition to attain my Master’s degree at Middlesex University is due to the university’s reputation …show more content…

I am competent in diagnostic tests such as exercise tolerance testing and Technetium stress tests, with the ability to prep the patient for the procedure, analyse the results and produce reports for consultants. I am able to work independently on analysing ambulatory monitoring devices such as a 24 hour Holter, searching for abnormalities on the ECG recording that may explain patients’ symptoms and produce written reports to assist doctors with diagnosis. Working in the cardiac catheter laboratories to assist with invasive diagnostic tests such as coronary angiography and percutaneous coronary intervention has enabled me to develop my knowledge on structural and functional abnormalities affecting the heart and coronary arteries. I have been able to develop my team working skills as the catheter labs are composed of a multi-disciplinary team consisting of cardiology consultants, registrars, nurses, radiographers and cardiac physiologists. Effective communication plays a key role in providing competent patient care and ensuring Trust standards are met. As a student cardiac physiologist my role is to communicate with the doctors performing the procedure, relaying any changes in patient’s ECG and pressure waveforms, assisting with left ventricular to aorta pullback to assess valve function, and left heart ventricular angiography. I also need to communicate with nurses to keep a record of drugs used in the procedure and with radiographers to note the amount of contrast used, and to ensure radiation protection. The catheter labs are fast paced and I have become adept at managing my time and working effectively with the team to optimise patient

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