Lobby Hero Character Analysis

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Emily Perevich, who played Dawn in the play Lobby Hero, did a fantastic job of solidifying herself as a naïve young female cop with a lot to learn. The play Lobby Hero was written by Kenneth Lonergan, directed by Francis X. Kuhn, with scenic design by David Dwyer, lighting design by Gary Thomas Musante, and costume design by Elizabeth Fontaine. At the beginning of the play, we see Dawn speaking with her superior Bill and becoming upset when discussing what will happen in the aftermath of her defending herself from a violent bar patron and sending him to the hospital. During this scene, Emily displays Dawn’s initial anxiety over the situation with her tone of voice, as she sounds frantic and high-pitched over the possibility of not being able to become an official cop. She also holds tightly to the lapels of her jacket and shoves her hands into her pockets as if she is trying to keep herself calm and steady in the wake of these fears. Her shoulders are also tense, demonstrating that she isn’t able to relax at this moment. Emily also holds a strong stance when she speaks with her feet a shoulder’s width apart. This sort of stance shows that Dawn is grounded and a little on edge, prepared for anything that might come her way. Bill is eventually able to calm Dawn after talking to her and reassuring her that everything will be fine. Emily shows this relief start to take over Dawn by letting her shoulders drop a little and relaxing her posture instead of standing so rigidly.

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