Long Term Care Pharmacist Essay

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Long term care pharmacists are involved with nursing facilities, often times working with the elderly or the disabled. The benefits include a flexible schedule and the more clinical setting. Negatives include long work weeks and the large amount of time dedicated to paperwork.
About a quarter of the pharmacist’s time is dedicated to medication management, another quarter in dispensing, and the rest in data management or patient management.
A majority of the respondents have a pharm D degree and a large portion of those have completed certificate training, residency, or some other form of extra training. The average age of the respondents was 50 and 65% were female. The majority of respondents are making over 100,000$ a year. Respondents also indicated that while the job did leave most at least somewhat satisfied, it is a very challenging setting.
Some of the most important factors according to the insider’s perspective are passion for caring for the …show more content…

This could work for me in the short term, however, I’m sure 5 or 10 years down the line I will want a lighter work week. This career path also lines up with one of my higher rated categories, self-worth and I can see why. Comparing this to something like retail it seems like the pharmacist has a lot more respect and responsibility in long term care, which piques my interest. There’s also a high level of autonomy involved in long term care that really interests me. I’m not a huge fan of dealing out orders to others so being able to work on my own should be a good thing. The Pressure/stress involved in long term seems to be a little bit more than I’d want, but it’s hard to find a job in our career that doesn’t involve some amount of stress. Overall, at this point in my education I am leaning towards something like long term care, however this survey did not fully convince me to make it my

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