Love Kill Rhetorical Analysis

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Love Kills In 1987, Fat boys had a song that could only say it best titled, “Protect yourself”, these lyrics explained why condoms are so important. “Now, there’s somethin’ real old, but still hot news been around since Lincoln, but out of view you stuff it in your wallet so your mom can’t see it’s called a condom, baby – and you better believe it ain’t under the self now it’s on display with all these diseases going around today you need a piece of mind when you do the wild thing so, a condom, brotha’ – don’t forget to bring.”(Protect yourself by Fat Boys, 1987) Here is one of the know verses that brought meaning and expressed that sexual protection throughout history was not a thing to talk about. However, times have changed and people are starting to see the difference, which this sheath-shaped barrier device that is used to reduce the probability of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) was helping. And now with people willingly to talk the talk as they the walk the walk, Ads like this one expresses the safe measures that their product brings as well as a mind-full idea to do better by used logos …show more content…

However, logos and pathos appeals are both used to support the ad’s message the most. Logos is used in a numerous of way. At first, it’s with the image of the nude man showing that he is vulnerable to his environment. Second, it’s the phrase which makes you think what is so dislikes about this image and how can it be corrected. Third, is it’s display of the condom giving you the notion that there is an underlined pone as well as who the company is and what’s their main product. Pathos is used to capture the viewer’s attention and to question the idea displayed. Both logos and pathos are the main object of because the company is trying each angel to make the consumer use their emotion and logic to see it their way, by questioning their products

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