Lowe's Organizational Structure Paper

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Organizational Structure and Organizational Agility

Lowe’s has a functional organization structure. At the top of the organizational structure is Robert Niblock the Chairman of the board of directors, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Working immediately under him is Robert Hull the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Matthew Hollifield the Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, and Larry Stone Chief Operations Officer. Each of these individuals have numerous other management personal under their supervision, Robert hull has all of the Merchandising mangers for all the different departments of the stores under his supervision. Matthew Hollifield has the entire logistics and distribution manager group working under his supervision, and …show more content…

This organization structure gives Lowe’s a number of advantages when it comes to running their company. The first is that economies of scale can be realized because people with similar skills are grouped and tasks are grouped together. The second is that decision making and lines of communication are clearly understood. The third is that monitoring of the environment is more efficient (Bateman & Snell, 2010). Lowe’s is a large company, operating approximately 1700 stores across North America. This has its advantages and disadvantages. Being such a large company makes Lowe’s relatively inflexible, but with the size of the company comes many advantages. The first is the buying power of the company because it is such a large company it can often capitalize on scale economies, making large purchases of merchandise at a lower per unit cost enables Lowe’s to be more competitive in the industry (Bateman & Snell, 2010). Another thing that Lowe’s is using to make it more flexible is technology; the biggest way that they are using technology is through their website online. This enables them to reach markets that they don’t currently have stores directly

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