Mandatory Military Draft Essay

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Over 2.8 million American men were drafted into the fight during World War Two, those men would courageously go on to fight in the pacific and european theater and would ultimately help America and its allies defeat the axis powers and win the war. The draft would ultimately help win the war because it gave them the manpower to win. Having a military draft when America is at war is essential for success in that conflict, some people think the military draft should be abolished however, a military draft is critical to the United States safety, so the United States government should keep the draft in place.
The mandatory military draft in America has been around since the founding of the country and played a big role in those conflicts and in …show more content…

The use of the mandatory military draft during WWII helped end racism and segregation because President Trumen issued a bill to allow African Americans to serve in the MIlitary. Prior to and during WWII African Americans were not allowed to serve alongside their white comrades because they were believed to not be equals. “During WWII, the African-American Tuskegee Airmen and the Japanese Americans of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team served with distinction and honor” (Ruschmann 51). The outstanding and heroic acts of the African-American and Japanese Americans proved they were just as equal to their white counterparts and there is no reason to believe white people are superior to them. The mandatory military draft in the United States also brought people of different ethnicities, gender and religion together. Once America was pulled into WWII the whole nation became close together through nationalism and they all had a goal to work together as a nation and defeat the axis powers and to help the effort in any way possible including the draft. “Americans from every group got together in the service having a common goal to defend their country and, of course, a common experience.” (Ruschmann 53). All the men who were drafted during WWII and Vietnam War had all shared the same experience whether that was if they died in the line of service or made it back to tell the tale, they all experienced the horrors of war and in a way it brought them together. The men drafted did everything together as one no matter what they looked like or where they came from or what they believed in they all were in the fight. In all the mandatory military draft definitely brought people together whether it was through the death of segregation in the military or soldiers sharing a common experience and becoming brothers rather than soldiers

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