Mandatory Vaccination Research Paper

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Mandatory Vaccinations Mandatory vaccinations should be required because it provides children with health, saves lives, and saves money. Children need the health because the need if for protection, especially for infants who are too young. Studies have shown that using vaccines can prevent diseases for children and also for infants that really need it. Some people can and can’t help because they don’t have the insurance to pay, but there are some people who can for their child to have shorter hospital stays and cheaper drugs for the child. Children need the vaccination for health because it can protect infants who are too young, children with immune systems, and requires virtually. Infants need to be protected from any …show more content…

Teenagers, children, and infants must be vaccinated for any type of health conditions that they need to fix and get rid of it. Children now these days need vaccinations because they can use HPV vaccines, prevent from any kind of diseases, and it gets more of a population of lives. Infants and children need to be vaccinated with HPV to help with their life “we know HPV vaccines have the potential to prevent the majority of cervical cancer cases” (Law 1), In other words, using HPV vaccines can help with your life if you use them. Children and infants must be prevented from diseases “we would strongly urge parents to make sure their children are immunized as this could save lives and prevent diseases in the future” (Law 2). Children need the vaccination because it gets more of a population for less of every child or infant to be sick or to get even worse “An HPV vaccine would need to be made available to help all people make the most informed choice” (Law 3)

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