Mansa M큰s훮: West African Empire Of Mali

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Mansa Mūsā was an emperor of the West African empire of Mali. He ruled from 1307 to 1312 and did many remarkable things during his ruling such as building The Great Mosque at Timbuktu. In the Middle East and Europe, he is best known for his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1224. Sundiata, Mansa Mūsā’s grandson or great nephew, founded his dynasty and was also a West African monarch who founded western Sudanese empire of Mali. He lead the path for Mansa Mūsā to become emperor in 1312 and also helped him with his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324.The world was awakened to the marvelous wealth of Mali due to the pilgrimage.
Mansa Mūsā started in Niani (home capital) and traveled along the upper Niger River to Walata, then to That, before making his way to Cairo
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