Many People Fight Against Biphobia

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Ever since Biblical times, there has been discrimination towards, prejudice against and hate for people who do not classify their sexuality as the ‘norm’ – heterosexual or only being attracted to those of the opposite gender. And though the human species has evolved greatly since the days BC, this discrimination can still be found all across the world today. Seeing as those who classify themselves as homosexual, bisexual or asexual are people and human rights are essentially rights entitled to any child at birth to ensure that all persons are treated humanely, justly and fairly, then – by definition – discrimination or hate crimes against these people are violations of our basic human rights which we are all entitled to.

Homophobia is not
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One of the most famous is NoH8 and LBGT. Many people fight against homophobia and biphobia and I believe that we are slowly winning. Personally, I believe that if everyone is educated about homosexuality, bisexuality and any other sexual-identifiers, then the hate will lessen. I have also found that it helps if the people understand that we are people too, with feelings, hopes, dreams and aspirations just like them. We have more similarities with homophobic people than differences and I believe that this is easy to see and therefore that this problem will most like be solved by the nest century.

Homophobia, homosexuality, biphobia and bisexuality are very hard topics to discuss for most persons. Especially around the time that children need to talk about these things – adolescence. I believe that a world of acceptance and love for all is our future. I also believe that the world’s general happiness will increase as soon as everyone is accepted regardless of their feelings or who they love. I hope that the world’s future is one were we don’t need labels for everyone and people see a personality before a

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