Marcus Brutus Persuasive Speech

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Persuasive Speech Time and time again, we are disappointed by the government. It can never provide us with the leadership we need. We deserve a ruler willing to give anything for us. Not just the for rich but for the poor. Marcus Brutus is the one that will give us rights and control; he will be the true liberator of Rome. Brutus entrusts all of you with his life. For he gave you all the dagger to kill him; if you felt it fit (JC. III. 2. 48-50). Brutus will not act as a king but rather as sole representative of Rome and its people. Men, women, servants, merchants, councilmen, rich, and poor are all indifferent to Brutus. To him everyone has the same value, no more, no less. He treats everyone equally and acts righteously in any situation …show more content…

But I saw the pain and difficulty it caused Brutus, to even think about killing Caesar. For when Cassius was persuading Brutus to join the conspiracy against Caesar, Brutus said " I do fear for the people Choose Caesar for their king... Cassius, yet I love him well" (JC. I. 2. 85-89). Brutus felt that if Caesar had been given power he would act irrationally and would only look after his own welfare. Being so, nights after Cassius talked with Brutus, Brutus would not eat or talk to me, and just desired to be alone (JC. I. 2. 257-276). He was emotionally torn between his love for Caesar and his love for the people. On one hand he and Caesar were great friends and killing him would be morally wrong to Brutus. But Brutus’ "ancestor, Lucius Junius Brutus drove out the last of the ancient kings of Rome and founded the Roman Republic” (JC. I. 2. 22). Would you want anyone to destroy what your ancestors created, 500 years ago? Especially when the Republic was created to stop tyranny and also to give the people more say in their government. For that reason if anyone were to end the Republic it should not be someone who was arrogant, big headed, egotistic and greedy for power. Rather Brutus who is so patriotic that he would die for his country. Brutus is respected by all is because he is dedicated to helping the greater good and is reliable when it comes to do just that. As he said "...not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more" (JC. III. 2. 23-24). Brutus joined the conspiracy, to protect us and make sure the people of Rome were living in the best possible way. He put his emotions aside and went with what he felt was best for all of us. Brutus put us before himself, which is what he has always done and what he always will

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