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NROTC Scholarship Essay The United States Marine Corps is the fiercest fighting force on earth. For years I have dreamt of joining that force. Many people in my family have served in the Armed Forces. Naturally service captured my mind. As I became more knowledgeable, I came to appreciate the camaraderie, courage, duty, respect, and the many things The Corps embodies. Being with like-minded individuals who feel the same appreciation for such attributes as I do, confirms my decision. Upon achieving the score of 78 on my ASVAB, I was approached about becoming an Officer. Marines, or civilians, must obtain a bachelor's degree as a requirement of becoming an officer, in any branch of the military. Obtaining a scholarship, altered the direction …show more content…

It took years of determination and hard work. To get Eagle scout, among many other requirements, I had to earn a certain amount of badges. Each badge required that I pass a list of requirements, then have those requirements tested by a senior scout for approval. I would also then be evaluated, watched, and judged on my abilities and given a leadership position. Once I obtained a leadership position, I would then be evaluated on how well I completed that role. I also had to hold that position for a certain amount of time, say six months, and perform that role well for the entire time. Who I am today is directly related to every badge I worked hard to earn. I take nothing for granted and know how to work hard in life. Scouting taught me to respect all aspects of life and gave me goals to reach. During my time in scouting, I’ve been the Senior Scout for countless events. I have been the Senior Patrol leader for camp outs, mass events, classes, and more. I am also currently the Commanding Officer in my MCJROTC program. I teach classes, lead drill teams, lead physical training, create and coordinate events, and more. While both of these were very challenging, becoming an officer in the Marine Corps would be the culmination of them. The experience as an Officer in The Corps will be like nothing I’ve ever done. The Marine Corps will fulfill my unquenchable desire to take on this challenge. Marine Corps officers are leaders of leaders.

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