Marquis De Lafayette's Life In The American Revolutionary Army

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Do you know who Marquis de Lafayette is? Well you should know a lot more information about him after you read this essay about him and his life in the American Revolutionary army. “Marquis de Lafayette was born on September sixth, 1757, in Chavaniac, France” ( 1). Before turned two his father, a general in the Royal Army and was currently serving in the seven years’ war, was killed. When he was twelve his mother died, and a few weeks later his grandpa also died. After, these deaths he became a very wealthy orphan. When he turned fourteen he, just like his father joined the Royal Army. At the age of sixteen he married a relative to the British king, who was only fourteen at the time. This made his social status go up even farther …show more content…

When he got back to the United States he helped contain the British general Cornwallis’s army at Yorktown, while other troops of George Washington’s surrounded the area and forced a surrender. “That was the last major battle of the revolutionary war” ( 2). After this battle Marquis went back to France. It was December 1781 and Marquis reentered the French army and was the organizer of agreements. “With the country on the edge of political outbreak he advocated for a governing body representing three social classes, suddenly violence broke out and he was in charge of protecting his royal family” ( 2). After this he fled the country, but was taken by Australian forces and didn 't return to France until 1799. Even when he was back in France he still felt like he should keep a low profile just to be sure he wouldn 't be caught. Finally in 1830 when King Charles the tenth was overthrown he could come out of hiding. As he came out of hiding he was offered the job to become dictator but turned the offer down. Sadly in 1824 he died of a battle with pneumonia on May twentieth at the age of

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