Mcdonald's Revenue Cycle Case Study

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Section 4 Findings and recommendations (a) Evaluate the effectiveness of the revenue cycle McDonald’s is apparently one of the biggest giants in the fast food industry, and this role simply proves that they did really well in their internal management. Therefore, we are going to evaluate the effectiveness of McDonald’s in term of revenue cycle. Initially, there is a lists of complaints available online about McDonald’s, as the accuracy of ordering process should be improve due to employees often process incorrect orders or even misplace the customer orders. However, in order to solve this serious issues, McDonald’s was able to adapt the Self-service Kiosk system. Self-service Kiosks is considered as one of the newest technology being used…show more content…
The first weakness that we can see is from the food assembly department. The job of food assembly department is to prepare the food and drinks and pass it to the food runner when food assembly department has received the stock release and sales order. This occasion may lead to theft of inventory. The food assembly department could have taken extra foods while preparing the foods to the food runner. Even though the accounting department finds out that there are missing foods, the food assembly department would find an excuse by saying that the foods are not missing but it is overcooked. To fix this weakness, McDonald’s should keep the foods in a secure location with restricted access. So, there will be only higher position employees be able to access. By having a physical counts of foods periodically also can help to control this…show more content…
There would be some customer dissatisfaction due to slow or bad services. Therefore, poor performance of revenue system in McDonald’s can be also counted as one of the weakness. Poor performance must be controlled immediately because it may damage the customer relations and also reduce the profitability. So, to cure the poor performance of McDonald’s, performance reports should be prepared and reviewed every year. In fact, drive thru service is slowly becoming a weakness to McDonald’s. In fast food, people usually think that it is quickly served. Drive thru service has brought convenience to everyone because they do not have to line up at the counter and it saves their time. However, if the drive thru service is as slow as lining up at the counter, there would be no point of having this service because people will choose to line up instead of waiting in the car and wasting the petrol. So, it is recommended that if McDonald’s wants to improve drive thru speed, it should add more lanes to allow more customers to drive
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