Meaghan Winter's Argument Summary

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In the New York Times article, "The Stealth Attack on Abortion Access," author Meaghan Winter works to inform her audience on abortion and on the fact that women with low income are having their freedom to choose what they want to do with their body stripped away by abortion foes and republicans. The same abortion foes and republicans who voted to stop organizations, like planned parenthood, from providing cancer screenings, ultrasounds, contraception, and other services to low income women. She also strives to convince her audience to stand up against the people negating a women’s right to choose, and to help fight for the rights of women everywhere. Certain groups of republicans and other anti-abortion associations and advocates are “subsidizing centers with public funds” by working to “defund comprehensive health care providers”. By taking away a health care providers’ ability to fund cervices such as abortion, contraception, and cancer screenings, Women with low income …show more content…

She portrays the distressed women arriving at “she thought was a comprehensive health care provider near her home in Columbus, Ohio”. When arriving the doctors told her not to abort her baby, causing her to land in a crisis pregnancy center. These non-profit organizations work to “obstruct women’s access to abortion”. Meaghan Winter utilizes this anecdote to shed light on a disheartening situation, opening the reader’s eyes to what is truly happening to women across the globe. She employ pathological appeal by emphasizing the corner many women are metaphorically jammed in,” when providers like Planned Parenthood are shut down” and how “they leave low-income women with few alternatives for reproductive and preventive health care”. She wants people to see the importance of these establishments, and what they do for people who aren’t so financially inclined as

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