Summary Of I Am Abortion Not Just Pro Choice By Neale Tarico

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A great number of women today are facing the issue unplanned pregnancies. Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in the world today. Valerie Tarico, the author of the article, “I Am Pro-Abortion, Not Just Pro-Choice: 10 Reasons Why We Must Support the Procedure and the Choice,” challenges to address issues that women face when going through an abortion. In her article, Tarico uses rhetorical strategies such as ethos, pathos and repetition to make her argument inducing. In her text, she addresses the common issues around abortion, arguing that abortion should be allowed, and is the right thing to do.
The overall structure of the article is orderly and helps support Tarico’s argument of why abortion is okay and is the right thing to do. The author laid out her argument in a sequential format, starting from presenting her credibility, to ten reasons why pro-abortion is okay and with an end statement that touches the reader’s heart of “I’m pro-abortion because I love my daughter”. Within her article, Tarico begins the paper by giving her credibility statement of “Being a mother for twenty plus years” and how she takes her …show more content…

The topic of abortion is not a topic where one can have a humoristic tone; nevertheless, Tarico had a very formal and dignified tone that was consistent throughout the article. Having this consistency was effective in her argument because it didn’t make the reader bounce from one emotion to another. Along with the tone of the article, the diction used within the article was also very effective to support her claim. Diction was used to help the reader engage in precise images in their own minds, creating a connection between the author, reader and the argument of pro-abortion. For example, the quote from the text, “We move, and our movements ripple through time” gives the reader a picture in his/her mind and that be interpreted in numerous

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