Meaning Of Street Children

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The term street children were widely accepted during 1980s in Latin America and then widen out of the country like Africa and the rest of the continents (Benitez, 2011). However, the definition of street children is many and varied, depending on the orientation of the definer. That is, street children are those who have abandoned or have been abandoned by their families, schools and communities before the age of eighteen and drifted into a nomadic street life. Chetty (2001) and Barnette (2004) in Michael (2010) Some countries have peculiar ways to appellate the phenomenon, which give clues about the country and the way they approach street children. For instance, in the UK and the USA, street children are defined as “runaways”, who leave home without permission and stay away during the night (Altanis and Goddard, 2003). In Turky, since they settled under the Galata Bridge in Istanbul, they are called children under the bridge .Other names also given to them such us hopeless, ruffians, thieves, parasites, hooligans, and bad influence” ( Michael, 2010). However, the definition of street children is many and varied, the UNICEFs definition which says ‘boys and girls aged under 18 for whom ‘the street’ (including unoccupied dwellings and wasteland) has become home and/or their source of livelihood, and who are inadequately protected or supervised is widely and commonly accepted( UK, 2012). The term street children is very broad that has been used to describe children and
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