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Medical and health services managers, also known as healthcare administrators, are key factors in the healthcare field that contribute to the efficiency of health services. These workers are responsible for the planning and carrying out of medical and health services in a facility or department (“Medical and Health Services Managers”). Employees in his field work to ensure patients are receiving the highest quality of service achievable. This career also comes with many opportunities for success such as a good work environment, a strong career outlook, education possibilities, and rewards. The career of a medical and health services manager can be a beneficial occupation for individuals desiring to work in the healthcare field.
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Because medical and health service managers serve such an important role in the healthcare field, the majority of employees work full time in the field; several work longer than forty hours a week. It may also be necessary for workers to stay through the evening and/or weekends. For places open twenty-four hours, namely urgent care clinics and hospitals, managers may need to stay available in the event of an emergency while they are away (“Medical and Health Services Managers”).
People. A large part of the career of a medical and health service manager is the interaction between coworkers and patients. Health administrators communicate with medical staff on a daily basis to get their job done efficiently. This includes working together with nurses, surgeons, technicians, and doctors to form medical plans and records. Some healthcare administrators may also work with patients to deal with financial matters such as billing and other fees (“Medical and Health Services …show more content…

It allows employees to interact with others and build communication skills, gives opportunities for learning, and offers a secure position.
Interactions With People. A large part of the reason many people choose a career in healthcare is the desire to help others. As a medical and health service manager, the goal is to make the patient’s visit as easy and organized as possible. This includes assisting patients and the family of patients by improving the quality and efficiency of their medical services and answering questions about their financial plan (“How to Become a Medical and Health Services Manager”).
In addition, this career is also a good opportunity to build communication skills and form strong relationships with coworkers. Seeing as healthcare administrators keep track of the majority of activity that goes on throughout the facility, there is bound to be a great deal of verbal and written communication going between them and other workers (“How to Become a Medical and

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Health Services Manager”). This can help employees build trust with others along with improving speaking and writing

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