Memoir Of The Dragon-Personal Narrative

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My eyes were drooping, and I was fighting to stay awake. I was just about to doze off into nothingness when I heard a menacing beep. I immediately got up and searched for the sound, realizing it came from the radar we were guarding. I looked over at the green screen, and what I saw chilled me to my bones. There was a massive group of planes heading directly for the Hawaiian Islands. The day was December 7th, 1941 early morning. I got up and stretched groggily because of the long hours of sitting. We had been up most of the night guarding one of the most precious new breakthroughs in technology, the radar. There had been several prototypes, but this was the real deal. I had insisted on the radar being on because I wanted to know everything about it. My comrade, Joseph Lockard was an expert on it. As dawn was starting to creep up, we heard a beep. We looked around; searching for the source of the sound when we realized it came from the radar. As we stared into the depths of the bright green screen, we saw a massive group of planes headed straight for us. I looked over at Joseph and asked,” Should we tell the lieutenant?” He just said it was probably something they expected that we didn’t know about. I still wasn’t convinced and I kept on pestering him until he finally gave in. …show more content…

We opened the door and stepped inside to the warmth of the house. The lieutenant noticed and questioned us, asking why we came here when we were supposed to be guarding the radar. We quickly and anxiously told him what happened so far. After we finished, he suddenly laughed, confusing both of us. He said that they were a large group of planes coming from California and that was probably them. We agreed and went back to our grueling watch over the radar, but something was bugging me to say the very least. The lieutenant didn’t tell us when they were going to

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