Mgt 311 Week 4 Intervention Plan

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Good morning Dr. McGuire, I wanted to make sure I understand assignments four and eight. I have completed week 4 topic forum (please see moodle). The following is my intervention from week 4 assignmentIntervention Plan: 1.Change behaviors by being more conscious of when I 'm sitting down more than 30 minutes. Utilize cues and prompts such as phone applications, post-a-note, and other visual/audio alerts (Fitbit) to get up and move around. 2.Become avid reader of the dangers of inactivity and the consequences of sitting too much. 3.Set goals to do one solid hour of physical aerobic and fitness training seven days a week. Use a fitness tracker such as a pedometer and complete 10,000 plus steps daily (including Saturday and Sunday). 4.Watch
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