Middle Range Nursing Theory

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Middle Range Theory Concepts in Health and Health Care Delivery The theory is important in the nursing profession, and it differentiates according to philosophy, perspective, and scope. Nursing uses conceptual frameworks to guide practice. The middle range is more focused and concrete. It is used to explain precisely or predict a phenomenon. Middle range theory is more amenable to in clinical research and has few concepts used to generate the hypothesis. (McEwen, M. & Wills, E.M. (2014).). Pender used Middle range theory to introduce the health promotion model(HPM). They used personal, biological, psychological and cultural aspects to provide care in clinical settings. (Penda, 1975). Middle range theories will provide growth and development …show more content…

Fawcett and Garrity (2009) explain that use of the evidenced-based practice in clinical practices is not a new phenomenon in health care delivery. DNPs reduce the research-to-practice gap. They have understandings on the use of research findings in clinical settings to provide quality of care to patients (Vincent et al., 2010). DNP nurse searches for strategies to produce a good outcome in care delivery models using concepts from quality improvement, psychosocial and cultural ideas. The DNP scholarly project, identifies, evaluates care delivery models and the need for change. In My role as a DNP practice scholar, I will address the critical skills essential for translating the evidence-based care into practice with the aim of improving systems of care within the clinical setting (Vincent, Johnson, Velasquez, & Rigney, 2010). Besides, the practice competencies and research I will use the nursing skills to measure the outcomes of the affected population as well as communities. I will apply both clinical investigation and theory with affected individuals and families and implement nursing strategies to improve patient outcomes in nursing homes. I will achieve this by focusing on evidence-based practice, evaluation of results from nursing practices, and focusing on quality improvement (Vincent et al., 2010). As a DNP practice scholar, I will conduct research as a means of creating new knowledge within the nursing home clinical settings. The new knowledge can be applied to improving standards of practice (Vincent et al.,

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