Military Force: Is It Possible Or Unreasonable?

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The use of military force (depending on the situation) is reasonable, but it can also be very unreasonable. The situation at hand is the civil war in Syria and the production and use of chemical weapons. I think it would be reasonable if we attacked only if we were to be attacked but we could invade as well to prevent any further harm if necessary. The only problem with acting is that we might start a war from which would start an increase in taxes as well as casualties in the war at hand. I think that it is reasonable because it might prevent future casualties a possible war with the cost of our own troops. Others would argue and say no that it is unreasonable and that we need to keep our nose out of other people 's business. Then what if there wrong and we get attacked unexpected and thrusted into war just because we wouldn 't prevent any further conflict.…show more content…
here are some pros and cons of taking action Another good example is the war of 1812 we only fought in the war because Great Britain cut off all our supply routes by sea so we had no choice but to fight against Britain in the war. After the war Britain and France had, Britain focused on the U.S. and attacked several places. Little did Britain know we were trying to take control of their capital in Canada to

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