Mission San Luis Rey De Francia Essay

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Mission Report by Jaydon Yuki

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia was the last mission founded by Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuén on June 13, 1798. A mission is a place where people are taught about religion. Father Junipero Serra was a Franciscan friar sent by the King of Spain to spread their religion and claim land for Spain. After Father Serra died in 1784, Father Lasuén took over the responsibility for looking after the missions and founding new missions in Alta California. For a mission to be built, it had to have 3 things: rich soil, water supply, and a large population of natives. Mission San Luis Rey has over 6 acres of land, which makes it the largest mission in Alta California. …show more content…

It started out as temporary buildings and took 4 years to build the permanent buildings of the quadrangle out of adobe bricks and red roof tiles. The church is so big, it can hold up to 1000 people! In 1926, part of Mission San Luis Rey’s bell tower was destroyed by an large earthquake. Father Peyri also designed an irrigation system that brought water from the river to the lavanderia, or laundry and bathing area. The water flowed out of the mouth of a gargoyle. During early 1800’s the people of New Spain began to fight for independence from Spain. After Mexico gained its independence from Spain, the Mexican government took missions and freed the natives, but made them work for the Mexican government. The natives went away and in 1846, the mission was sold and all the valuables were taken. The mission was abandoned until the Mexican war, when U.S. troops took over and won the war. In 1865, President Abraham Lincoln returned Mission San Luis Rey de Francia to the Catholic church. If I was a Luiseño Indian I would work hard each day, and go to church. When I am a little older I would want to work in the rancho or the fields. I would probably feel terrified at first, and when I lived there for a while, I would feel more comfortable. When ever I would see Father Peyri, I would say “hola,” and learn from him, about how he designed the mission. When I learn something new I would try to remember everything

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