Monkey Drug Trials Of 1969 Essay

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Monkey Drug Trials of 1969 In this research study (experiment) a large amount of monkeys and rats were used to see the effects of drugs and drug addiction. The drugs tested on these animals included morphine, alcohol, codeine, cocaine and more. The researchers working on this case trained these animals to inject themselves with the given drug. The monkeys and rats were then left with a supply of their given drug and observed by the researchers. This caused the animals great stress, some ripping the fur off of their bodies, enduring withdrawals or even death. The ethical guideline broken during this experiment was that the experiment never had a clear purpose and if it did it wasn't necessary enough to hurt the animals. The animals didn't …show more content…

In this study they tested the idea of ‘nature or nurture’ when it comes to gender identity. The researcher that began this experiment was psychologist John Money. Money told David Reimer's parents to raise him as a girl. David became Brenda, had a constructed vagina and took hormone pills his whole childhood. When it was time for Brenda to check in with Money, Brenda's twin brother would come to the visits as well. Here, the twin siblings were forced to do sexual things and get naked for “inspections.” John Money thought this experiment was a success although Brenda still acted and lived like a boy. When David was 14 his parents told him the truth and he decided he wanted to identify as a boy again. David's twin brother developed schizophrenia from the trauma, and committed suicide in 2002. In May of 2004, David too took his own due to his wife wanting to separate and his lifelong issues with gender identity. The ethical guideline broken for this study was Money never fully informed David's parents on the whole experiment. The things that went on behind the scenes at the visits were not brought to light until much later. Money chose what would be best for him instead of David. It was unethical to force the brothers to perform sexual acts and the side effects of what he put the children through would affect them for the rest of their

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