Animal Testing Essay

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"About Animal Testing." Humane Society International. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2018.
The definition of animal testing is the procedures that involve living animals for the purpose of research. Some methods of animal testing include exposure to drugs and chemicals, genetic manipulation, water and food withdrawal, infliction of injuries, etc. This article is extremely biased. It tells all about the negative details of animal testing and the harming to the animals, but it doesn’t include the benefits of animal testing. It talks about the history of developments in the medical field but denies the fact that animal testing has helped those developments. This information will help me talk about the other side of my argument. It 's good to touch base …show more content…

2017. Web. 31 Jan. 2018.
Animal testing over the years has benefited many things in both humans and animals. Hundreds of lives have been saved along with hundreds of animal lives. The testing of animals has prevented millions of cases of over 200 diseases within animals. In humans, the development of vaccinations for multiple diseases has come from animal testing. This article’s purpose was to tell the achievements that animal testing has accomplished over the years. It also showed that animal testing does not only help humans but animals too. I am going to include this information in my paper to show the people who are fighting against animal testing are fighting improvements with humans and animals.
Cressey, Daniel. "Animal Research: Battle Scars." Nature News. Nature Publishing Group, 23 Feb. 2011. Web. 02 Feb. 2018.
According to a poll, hundreds of scientists have been negatively affected by animal -rights activism. There have been reports of extreme aggression from animal rights activists. Physical assaults, a research institute purposely set on fire, and more cases have been found. This shows that the topic of animal testing is a touchy subject. It informed me that even though I don 't hear the topic often, it is a popular argument. I will use this information to show how much intensity and debate is on this …show more content…

Researchers are learning about diseases, symptoms, body processes, medicines, and more from animal testing. Humans and animals share a lot of the same processes, illnesses, birth defects, and disorders. This makes research on animals similar to that of humans without harming a person. The purpose of this article was to show the reasons why animal testing is good for medical research. I will not use this information in my paper because it is not new information. I already know the uses of animal testing from reading many other

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