Mother Earth News Inaccurate

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While flipping idly through any magazine that can be picked off the rack, people are inundated with many ads. Each advertisement loudly clamors for the attention of its “target audience”, the people that will buy whatever product or service is being sold. Unless you are willing to become a hermit to avoid advertising, manufacturers (and the ads designed by each manufacturer for each product they make) will target you to sell products that not everyone wants and not everyone needs every day in America. As a society, Americans are overexposed to advertisements and are subsequently inoculated against the use of logic, unable or unwilling to see when an advertisement is inaccurate or false. Mother Earth News, a niche magazine for survivalists, …show more content…

Therefore, an ad is effective if it is successfully selling a product. The constant bombardment of advertising across all forms of available media means Americans are increasingly not independently analyzing content fed to them in an ad, even if the answers or verification of fact is a mere fingertip away. This ad for, presumably, the John Ellis water distiller, effectively illustrates inaccurate and/or false advertising while enumerating patents, tests, angles, and …show more content…

There are German and Mexican patent numbers, but none of the 13 patent numbers from the United States. There were 332 tests conducted by the FDA, but not one is listed or described. “10,000 people per day, Cures Anything” is listed next to the Mexican patent number, without saying which people, from where, or how this miracle product cured them. Apparently this water was put in over 200 wells in Ohio, with no description of when, which wells, or the after effect. One farmer also conducted one experiment to determine the “light” tap made the roots of buds grow six times longer than in other types of water, without pictures or criteria for this

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